From the very beginning, the college has excellent track record of winning academic achievements in the university examinations. The followings students have added feather to the crown.

Name Course Rank   Batch
Linsha Lal  BSc. Electronics   9 2020-23
Anumol Eldhose MSc. Electronics 1 2011-13
Ashalekshmi R. BSc. Computer Science  3 2008-11
Anumol Eldhose BSc. Electronics   2008-11
Albin K. Mathew  MSc. Electronics  1 2007-09
Latheefa   C. P   MSc. Computer Science  2 2006-08
Vidhya Balakrishnan  MSc. Electronics  2 2004-06
Dhanya Mathew MSc. Electronics 1 2004-06
Manu Jose   MSc. Electronics 1 2003-05